Tibetan Community in the North Sponsorship


The Tibetan Community UK North Association (TBC) is very active when it comes to Tibet related sponsored events and are always trying to come up with new ideas for how we can raise money for the Tibetan cause.

This can be anything from raising money at our annual events to the sponsored parachute jump we did in May 2016.  We encourage new ideas or suggestions from our community members and we are always happy to welcome new members to our gathering and sponsored events.

As a result of the fundraising and sponsorship we do throughout the year we are now able to handover the funds raised onto some very worthy Tibetan charities.

Working in conjunction with Tibet Relief Fund in London our community is now in a position to consistently sponsor two Tibetans from India. One a little Tibetan girl by the name of Tenzin Pema (aged 7) and an Old Aged Pensioner Mrs Kelsang la from Mussoorie – Help the Aged (Aged 85). Through regular fund raising and receiving great support from our Tibetans in the North, the TCB community in the UK and friends and supporters of our group we hope to sustain this moving forward.

Our key message in our Tibetan community is that we must focus on "Tibetans helping Tibetans" if we are to progress both as a community and a country.  If Tibetans can help their own culture to thrive here in the UK any additional support is a bonus to our cause.