Tibetan Community in the North Committee Members

Tibetan Community UK North Association (TCB North) is a community based organisation with its base in Manchester, North West of England. Our elected council members all work on a voluntary basis whilst building a thriving healthy Tibetan community. We embrace our Tibetan culture through frequent gatherings including celebrating Tibetan New Year (Losar), normally in February and also His Holiness' Birthday in July. Building a network for both Tibetans and supporters of Tibet is fundamental to our Tibetan community. Frequently fundraising to preserve the Tibetan language is one of our ongoing priorities.


Tibetan Community UK North committee member

Karma Tsering – Chairman – The Wirral
My name is Karma Tsering.  I was born in Tibet and have lived in the UK since 1996. Until recently Tibetans in the North have been few and far between, with not many opportunities to meet other Tibetans.In my role as Deputy Chair, it is important to me that this group has a chance to come together to develop a sense of community and to move the Tibetan cause in the best direction. My hope is to create a community where our place of birth does not matter, only our shared identity as Tibetans.

 Tibetan Community UK North committee member

Chodak Hunter – Communications and PR – Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Since relocating from Brighton to Doncaster back in 2011 I have always had a burning desire to give something back to my Tibetan Community. I have always felt that Tibetans should help other Tibetans through frequent gatherings and forging strong bonds and affiliations with each other. Living in the North of England to be able to create a sense of belonging for Tibetans away from home has always been at the back of my mind. As chair of this thriving group, my role is focussed on bringing both Tibetans, friends and partners together under one shared goal. On a professional level, I run my own online digital marketing recruitment agency which I have been leading since 2010.


Tenzing Sangpo – Treasurer – Liverpool
My name is Tenzing Sangpo, and I have been living in Liverpool since 2003. I have been a member of the North West Tibetan Community since its establishment in 2014.
I will be taking the responsibility of being the treasurer of the community. I look forward to serve the community to the best of my capacity from beginning of the year 2017.
At present I am working as a Supervisor for a Cash and Carry supermarket in Liverpool.


Dawa Choezom Howarth – Events Advisor – Kinglsey
I am Dawa Choezom Howarth.  I have  thoroughly enjoyed being part of this growing community since its inception back in February 2014.   My family gets very excited every time we as a Tibetan Community are able to get together and practise our tradition without the fear of losing our culture and identity.  We are all delighted to be a member of  this thriving community and always make every effort to meet frequently so that our children can share our roots as well.

My position within the community is to help run the events smoothly and to be there whenever an extra pair of hands is required. I am a very passionate and love meeting new people whether they are Tibetans or non-Tibetans.  I also enjoy teaching young children traditional Tibetan songs, dance and basic Tibetan language.  

Lets follow the following proverb: "Many hands make light work"